Dragons folley book one: Rebirth and the new world

My dream of the Dragon happened again, but I was awake walking to the principal’s office, that’s good because I was caught sleeping n class again and they think I am doing drugs. The hallway was different this time darker the dirt floor felt so real. I could feel the dampness of the hall and smell the mold and age of the stone. I stopped and felt the wall. It was cold and mossy. I tried to wake up but I was already awake. In the middle of the floor on the next turn was my book bag. Nothing could have stopped me from running to it and getting to my cell phone, .hell yeah it’s working, and with four bars of signal. I check the date, I scroll through my numbers and call trey a buddy of mine who is always wearing his Bluetooth. “Hey scumbag this is Marcus where you at.”  There was silence. I swear I hear crying in the background “who the fuck is this, what kind of game your playing. Marcus is dead. You are freakin sick you bastard. Holy shit how did you get his phone….. mom call the police quick I think the guy who killed marcus is on the phone.” I hear more crying and panicked talk about hang up he might be after you next idiot. And the call ends. Ohhh k that was a little freaky. I was in class with him not just eight minutes ago and all of a sudden I am dead. Damn I gotta call home now and see whats up. I  call up moms home office number, I laugh when I find my lunch buried in the bottom of my book bag. Eats are good, eats are always good. Damn no answer, I call the mainline and get a strange voice. “hello Rand residence, may I help you?” sounded like a secretary or one of moms pissy assistants. “yeah, I need to talk to my mom. Tell her marcus is on the phone and thanks for packing the meatloaf sandwich I asked her too.” Silence then the voice cleared its throat.”who is this really and where did you get this phone. Marcus Rand was murdered at school. His body was found crucified to some lockers and he was gutted. His friends and family do not want you calling them playing this sick prank, just turn yourself in to the Wichita police department immediately.” I hung up the phone and found a nice spot of wall, and puked. From up the hall I heard the low rumble   ooked down at me and smoke rolled from his huge nostrils, I could smell dirt and salt all around me, like I had been here before. I just stood there naked before him.  “Dragon is this the moment of my death?” I asked him looking around the room at the piles of treasure and decaying corpses. His eyes lit up to show glee and I could hear a rumble of laughter. “I should ask you that young master, no I am not your death, I am your life, you will come to me soon needing a spark the life and then we shall be one.”  I knew he spoke the truth I felt no fear in his presence, only comfort. Soon I will die and bond with him and become something different. “when that happens young one the gates that kept the nether hidden will be revealed and you will be needed to protect your world and theirs. You will be hunter, protector, Avenger, Judge.”










My Brother woke me up when we got to the bus station, my music player blaring in my ears and my game player clutched in my hands. The four of us were to meet up our mother’s family and live at grand ma’s house till we figure out mom’s estate. During the summer our mother came to visit and while at a cousins house was struck by a tornado, no survivors and lots of evidence of multiple deaths.  It was a long trip from Long Beach California to Wichita Kansas; they said it was spring and just warming up. In a quick gesture I whip out my cell phone and see thirty two degrees, they lied. Pffft them. Wichita is apparently  known as the Air Capitol of the world, by what I had learned pioneers such as Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech and Bill Lear began here. The aircraft corporations Stearman, Cessna, Mooney and Beech Craft were all founded in Wichita. No wonder dad came here, this place screams union. When they divorced mom and dad had went their separate ways he was a union organizer for machinist so he apparently moved here, mom and us stayed in long beach until the unfortunate tornado incident ripped her from us. Everyone keeps asking me if I cried, or if I am ok, I don’t answer them anymore, when I was younger I fell in love with a pixie hair cut punk singer and my mother bought me the tapes and I listen to them all the time that is my hug from her even now. From the emptying bus I see the lights of the city, my sister Joyce the new matriarch and her two kids came along just to have a much needed vacation, my older brother marshal named after dad of course was on leave from the army he could have flown us but it was more frugal to go by bus, yeah he is cheap. And then there is me and montel.  He being the youngest and me the middle child, the oddball, mom always said I was her peter pan, I just needed was my lost boys and a surly old pirate as my enemy. on the way to grand ma’s everyone exchanged niceties and stories and we made one stop at a local grocery chain to pick some things up, I had other ideas. I told my uncle and aunt I will be right back and headed over to a small shop next to a school supply store. It was dingy and had lots of books and an odd metal statue holding a plate of muffins. If it wasn’t for the fact he was bent over you would never know what he had on the tray if he was standing up. “so you must be Marcus Rand, sorry for your loss, your mother was a great woman, excellent cook.” The old man’s voice took me by surprise. i tried to look cool and fell backward over a stack of books. Waving a single arm to signal I am ok. “Sorry about that mister. She sent me this weird letter and I had to see your shop.” I had a few bruises from the fall. My clothes were ripped up somehow.  “yes well we entertain many types of customers here and your mother gave cooking classes.” A knock on the glass from my irritated uncle was my cue to leave. “Marcus, when one dreams of dragons, it is not a mere warning, come by some time, anytime.” Ok that scared the shit out of me. And I was out of there. When we finally arrive at grand ma’s it is too late to visit so we are shown our rooms. My room is in the basement, awesome. I can tell my cousin decorated it. Local sports posters and wall hangings adorn the wall, and after an hour are removed and replaced with my posters of various actresses and Japanese pop stars, along with the ritual of kissing every one before tacking her up on the wall. “You still do that dumb ass ritual?” Came the mocking laugh of my sister, “I thought you out grew that back in Cali.”

I tossed a pile of dirty laundry at her. “One must always pay his respect to his future wives.”

“In your case one must beg for one of this poster babes to even look at you.” I slammed the door and dove into the bed. Only to jump  up with a searing pain in my side. Something cut me, deep too there was blood, lots of it. I reached into my jacket pocket and felt a paper package and something like a blade sticking from it. What the hell do I do? Do I yell for help, do I scream.. hell no that is way too girly. I opened the door and saw my uncle looking at me wide eyed. Me standing there holding the knife blood pouring from my side and barely able to stand. “ I think I stabbed myself when I jumped into bed.” Was all I could say before I passed out. I remember reading about dreams one has when unconscious, you see a place that is like heaven but it is merely a conjuration of your faith and mental energy. Hmmm I better write them and say umm wrong. I am not in heaven I am in a dirty old basement somewhere.creepy. I start to look around and see boxes and shelves of the most oddest things ever. A crystal skull, Green crystal arrows. And for some reason in the corner there was a sleeping sheep with breasts on its back. I start looking at the stuff on the shelves when I hear  a door creak open. “Go ahead young man touch, feel take. It is all yours.” I see the old man from the shop hobbling down some stairs that reveal themselves almost instantly as his footsteps. “I have a message for you, I will say it once, then I shall leave this place and leave it all to you and my niece.” He gets in my face and I can smell the rum so well I swear the lighting could ignite the guy. “The dragon has picked his heroes, but you will also be his captain, know you this, it has been divined that you will die on the next blood moon and the dragon will make you part of him.” The door at the top of the stairs opens and I hear the most beautiful voice ever “Uncle they wont be able to revive him if you keep up the enchantment, Marcus take three things and go to the footlocker and take the sword. I will see you in class in a few hours and all of what happened will be but a dream.” I run to the bag I saw earlier and  start dumping  things into it, good thing this stuff is so light. Yeah I can tell this is a dream when I can dump an entire shelves contents into a small shoulder bag. When I get to the foot locker my hear stops. I open it slowly and see the glittering sword it held, I played so many fantasy role-playing games, it still does not prepare me for such a dream, or even such a sword, silvery steel with gold etched runes and a leather wrapped pommel with a bell that was a fairy with outstretched wings connecting at the tips and purple gems coming down her spine. But like all fantasies, and great games. And then you wake up. In this case and then I wake up.

Sitting at the table at my grandma’s house,

With a full plate of eggs, grits and sausage in front of me.

“Marcus hurry and eat so you can get to school.” I heard my grandmothers voice from her room.  “I think I missed the bus already grand ma.” I hear jingling and walk the distance from kitchen to her room to see, “then take your mother’s car, she left it to you in her will baby.” I shivered a little and walked outside to the garage. Threw open the doors and saw her. Black and purple. Tinted windows and the white wording on the back of the car. The Obsidian Butterfly. Moms old classmate had been a U.S Marshal so one night when she came to visit us they had worked all night and restored moms car from her youth. And drank a lot too. I jumped into the driver’s seat  put the key in and revved her up. She purred like a stalking lioness and now she was all mine. The trip to Heights high school  was one of the best I had going to any new school ever.



2 responses to “Dragons folley book one: Rebirth and the new world

  1. okie, I’m having troubles following. So far, it’s jumping around and in one part mom’s alive, another she’s dead, in one he’s murdered, the other he dies after going to school. I thought He was supposed to make it to Prom then die, but he didn’t make it to prom. Much edditing needed. I was on the edge of my seat, trying to put pieces together, figure out at what point I was reading and wanting to read more…How the hell did you do that? I hate it when I come across inconsistancies, yet I wanted more! Please don’t tell me you made the same deal with the devil that Stephanie Meyer did!

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