dragons beginning

Duane Marcel Glenn

Dead by Prom…wait is this the prologue!
If you were told that you were going to die, would you still save the person you hold most dear to your heart even if it means the moment you do you die. I did, and I died. My name is Darrok Marcellus Grant. Almost everyone calls me Marc. But not her, not Raine Matthews, she always called me Darrok. I suppose I can start by how I died or even before that when I started going to school in Wichita Kansas, attending Heights high school. But no I am going to start at prom. Yeah that morning to be precise. Mom was at work, her second job, and everyone else was gone to school but me passed out on a mountain of swimsuit edition sports magazines with a pizza box in my hands. Yes I do go to school, I am an ok student, but for some reason there was a pile of magazines on my bed and when I had taken a few bites of pizza the room got all fuzzy and then everything went black. Great I am the victim of the ruffie pizza rapist, except I am a dude and it was apparently the wrong pizza was delivered to the wrong house, besides I ordered a meaty pizza not veggie delight. Oh well better make good with this. ‘Faculty pizza, do not touch’ and this bad boy is off to the teachers’ lounge. Ok so that’s is wrong of me, but hey who are you gonna tell. Wichita Kansas is where we are now. Now people we say the obvious, hey do you know Dorothy, has a tornado ever picked up your house and dropped you in oz, where’s toto. Have you seen the wizard. Yeah uhhh morons, keep it up and I will find lame crap about where your livin. Oh I see you are wondering about my death, why is he so wordy, who cares about the city he lives in…. “does he know Dorothy?” ok true believers here is the shit about what went down that screwed up day of prom..”LET ME TELL THE STORY, AND YOU SIT THERE AND KEEP FREAKIN READING.” I am from Los Angeles, city of Angels and home of many demons well especially if you have tigers blood and Adonis DNA… that dude so rocks, crazy but he so rocks. Anyway my mom got tired of my dad’s crap, divorced his fool ass and moved us here to be near family. I live in an area notorious for crazy behavior. We have a modest three bedroom one bed house in the north side area of Wichita.. yea yea. Hoopties, low riders, bass booming out of every car rollin by. And then there is me. 1974 chevy Nova. Classic. No booming here. Nope I am a typical African American male driving to school, late I might add blasting what is commonly known as punk rock. A pile of comics and gaming books in the back seat. Whoa I almost snatched a piece of K.O pizza. A few minutes ride and I pull up to my partner in crimes house. Mavis Gemini was one of the first girls I met when I got here as a kid. I remember our meeting. Recess, king of the hill, I was winning of course then this cute little red head girl blew me a kiss and I stared and that was the end of that dodge ball to the face an epic fly backward shot from the camera and when I wake up in the nurses office with a broken nose and a black eye, I knew we were going to be friends. Eventually. Mavis, or May for short walked out of her house like the walking dead. Dragging her book bag and looking like she pulled an all-nighter studying. If by studying I mean watching hours of anime, chomping chocolate covered asian treats and woofing down plates of sushi while reading Japanese Manga and the latest fantasy or erotic horror novel. Then yes she was studying real hard. She has the look of a vampire cheer-leader except for the long velvet trench coat with the impaled tinker bell patch on the back. As soon as she slips into the car, our eyes meet. Our minds connect,”is it cool to eat the pizza.” I read, “not unless you want to wake up with your panties around your ankles and your head resting on the grass in the park somewhere. “ I send back. She picks up the pizza and opens it. Closes the box and sets in the back seat.”wow you got a perv pizza sent to you by accident or your goin all veggie lovin no meat likin, you know like mandy I will screw anybody.” I dig into my pocket and pull out a pack of cigarettes and share a morning light with her, well away from her parents house I may add. “uhh no it was an accident and she never slept with me, and I don’t want to sleep with her.” Coughing, laughing more laughing. “yeah because you are all warm for the French girl, raine.” And then she punched me. Besides I am dating mandy, no you cannot watch, yes I have video and poloroid proof. And just because I love watching boys squirm I called your cell phone so you could hear the screams of her passion when I duck taped her to my bed and ravaged her with a monster sized dildo.” I look over at her, two lane highways are so freakin brutal if you don’t pay attention.” You mean the one we gave you as a gag gift for your birthday the HUGE one, you used cock-zilla on her?” blaring diesel horn screeching of brakes, and then the sound of a siren shook me out of my fantasy to know. What happened. Crap I might as well say this is chapter one. I am up to the cop. Naw screw it the good shit happens after I die. Back to the Highway Patrolman. Awww the highway patrol officers, they pull you over a lot if you screw up have a defect in your vehicle or often times if you fit in that lovely demographic of being Latino, Afrcian American, Asian, redneck; young and well the biggest demographic is the object of that officers hate if he had a bad day. Siren blare, flashing light, yes I do pull over snuffing out the cigarette. May drops hers out the window and then looks at me scared. ”if they search our bags in the back just agree with me that we don’t know who’s bag mine belongs too.” I look puzzled “What the Fuck?” knock on the windshield “son can you please turn off your car and the bad eighties punk music and show me your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.” I obey not looking once at the voice. “can you please step out of the car and come around back.” My mind is racing, oh crap I am in trouble, what the hell, do I call mom at work, do I call grand ma, am I gonna miss prom tonight.”Marc you reek like cigarettes and you almost wrecked back there what the hell is goin through that little mind.” The voice now sounding like an angel to me. Instead of a overbearing figure of authority. I look at her in disbelief. “Mrs Hinkley I didn’t know you were a highway patrolman. Might I add a most nobel profession indeed.” A sharp smack to the back of the head and a hug is what I get. “Ok nuise you can ride in his car, but all of you wear seat belts, keep your mind on your driving young man and next time I pull you over I book you and your friend for paraphernalia .” she laughs and points into the back seat of my car. And there it was in all its penile glory Cock-Zilla. Sticking out of the book bag because she forgot to zip it up. Now nuise is no ordinary High school student, she is a child prodigy of education and bizarre behavior, and she is my tutor for math, all that for a thirteen year old senior looking to go to johns Hopkins, pretty impressive. We all agreed before the school year that we would all go to prom together. Our gaming group, that is. When I pulled into the parking lot everything started to change fast. First we both give Nuise the silent eye of don’t eat the Pizza. We discover it is a half day and that prom will begin at five. I’ll admit I wanted to be with raine since freshman year, she is super heroic hot, blondish red hair, nice butt, perfect boobs, and a sexy smile. She was dating off and on but nothing serious I had seen till this year, everytime I wanted to tell her how I felt nuise would always say do not interfere in the affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketsup.” Very cute seeing how her boyfriend’s name was Drake Conner, his father was a Army Officer, his mother a pediatrician his older brother an assistant D.A. why not date the Awsome kid in school who’s grandmother donated a butt load of cash for the decorating of prom and graduation. Well today was my day, they had been fighting and she called him a spoiled little boy and he slapped her, before anyone could do anything I jumped in front of him and like a slow motion movie instinct kicked in I slipped and slammed into the locker between them my foot connected to his balls, but not on purpose, she was gonna hit him back but punched me in the back of the head and while he was bent over sent my head into his in a head butt he hit the floor I accident knock her back and then I hear the screams from students as apparently one of the trucks doing construction work on the school was carrying away rebar and lost control of its load and of course it comes careening through the window. Many are hurt but only one fatality that day.. me.


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