the story begins

Wichita, Kansas October 2027


It only took me a moment to remove my clothes and push her
up against the wall. I flattened her breasts with my chest and pinned her hands
above her head with one hand and grabbed a handful of hair in the other. I
moved my face close to her neck and whispered “Are you sure you want this?”
Before she could answer I pulled her head back and feasted on her neck with my
lips and tongue, kissing, taking soft bites. All the while she is writhing and
twisting against my body ,I finally kiss her deep and hard tasting her tongue
feeling her moan in my mouth. My cock swelled from wanting her. An Succubus is
not a typical lover one merely takes, but I am not your typical male either.
Her blazing red hair coursed with magic in my grip and I can taste the power
building within her body. The music from the club across the street could be
heard in my apartment then the thought hits me. Mood music.

All my life I’ve been over the top

I don’t know what I’m doing

All I know is I don’t wanna stop

All fired up, I’m gonna go till I drop

You’re either in or in the way

Don’t make me, I don’t wanna stop.

I wanted animal rough sex, I tasted her power, smelled the
patuli oil that she bathed in, I can feel her nipples stiffen against my chest.
I let go of her hair and spin her around to face the wall, my hand comes down
hard on her ass with a loud slap and she moans even louder. I keep the momentum
and grip her hips. “you never answered me darling?” my world narrowed to focus
all my energy on her. Her pale skin and purple eyes, .and she finally breathed
harder and yelled. ”Fuck me now damnit, Now. Hard.”

Poised behind the red-haired beauty, I grip her hips and
enter her slowly. “Oh Goddess, why are you so hard?” After I am deep inside of
her I start thrusting deeper, flexing my hardness, hearing her call out to her
goddess. Feeling her magic swell even more through her body. “you forget I love
to use my enchanted rings when I am with you.” Sparks of essence exploded from
her skin as she moaned louder. Her body moved with mine driving me deeper
inside her tight embrace. I reached over and pulled a dagger from my wall and
ran it down her back the impact of my hips and hers caused it to jump and draw
a little blood. That made her scream and throb around me. The wall shook with
each thrust of  my cock. And she came over and over again as I danced
the blade over her skin stopping only to throw it against another wall so I
could use my hand to steady her and rake my fingers over her ass. Her
fingers clawed into my wall leaving deep gouges after several minutes of long
powerful strokes deep inside of her, the seething lust, and swelling magic set
off her primal form and in an instant the world blurred around me. I felt
myself shooting deep inside of her. When a Succubus orgasms the have a tendency
to release a wave of power capable of consuming the soul of any living creature
in the area, but her focus was all on me and since I cannot be affected by
death magic, she is the perfect woman for a man like me. The next thing I knew,
we were lying in the bed, sweaty, bleeding and breathing hard. “woman you are
insatiable, how come we don’t just move in together?”

“you know the answer to that Darrok, you have to want
commitment, how long have we been together?”

She knew very well how long we have been together as
lovers and as friends, I swung my legs off the bed and moved toward the dagger
embedded in the wall. “cmon Mikato, let’s go take a shower.” She shook her
head. “If I join  you, we’ll get
distracted from cleaning our bodies and just have sex again. I am just going to
get dressed and meet my sisters at the Guild hall.”

She flew across the room to wrap her arms around me and
kiss me deep.” You know exactly what to say to me and what to do too me, I love
you more than you love me and I won’t play your game today Darrok.” Her tail
and wings disappeared, but the horns remained. “if you haven’t noticed lover,
your phone has been vibrating like crazy, I bet it’s the girls being nosey or
you have a case.” Our lips met again and this time I tasted the saltiness of a
tear in that kiss. “Mikato what’s wr..?” her hand touched my lips to stop my
words and she pushed me into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I
turned and tried the door but the empowered runes of a magic lock glowed  in the center of the door, all I could do was
lean against it and call out to her. “Why do you have to go to the Guild hall,
your family hates you for even being with me, what has changed?” I sighed. “ I
don’t want you to go.” I slammed the dagger into the symbol and channeled my
own power into a dispel. The door exploded, shards of wood flew everywhere. And
she was gone, damn teleportation spells.

grabbing my phone I switched it to speaker and called the
last number that phoned me. “Mavis I had company, you and your sister better
have good news for me.”

“Boss we got a problem, we have a stack of cases and most
of the crew are gone.” The squeaky female voice of the tech sprite sounded
pissy somehow, I had to laugh. “Boss what’s funny  you like doing jobs solo?”

Mavis and Rae are my two most trusted companions, Tech
fairies, powerful ones at that, as long as I have them I do not ever need an IT
specialist or even an internet connection, tech fairies can use the essence
flows to project internet signals. But they are lousy judges of a decent cell
phone plan. “Ok mavis hit me with the particulars for the first case, prep my
gear and send a dozen turquoise roses to Mikato at the mages guild hall in
topeka.” All I heard was  “TSK, TSK ,

“listen I don’t interfere in your love life why do you two
insist on being involved in mine.”


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