Dragons Folley and the Sword of Light

Princess Shara, had led the Kingdom to victory over the Dark elves during the war of the Light, earning her high praise from her father the king. re titled the Princess of Light  Shara for her courage and compassionate determination to see her country men survive the day and prevail over the enemy.Shara had become a favorite of the Kingdom. The young princess  tucked her hands beneath the bottom of the faded blue leather and velvet bodice she wore. She pulled it upward over her head and arms, then tossing it atop the pile of boulders beside her.

She smiled,

feeling a rush of accomplishment.

The confining halter bodice had kept the heavy mounds of her breasts restrained and protected from light damage or even the leering gazes of her beauty.
Her hands massaged her large shapely nipples and slid under her breasts, massaging away the redness left by the armor. She wasn’t used to wearing the armor for so long, and it felt, damn good to be free of the thing – if only for a few moments. 
Shara had slipped away from the main camp for an evening bath in the lake nearby.
She glanced over her shoulder to her bodyguard and best friend Mavis chest, her smile widening. “you can use a bath too oh great protector.” She laughed heartily splashing water at the Armored half elf, “They are still very attractive breasts, firm and rounded,’
With a  pendulous swing of her sword down upon a large passing fish.the brooding beauty sighed beneath her help.”Does it not bother you Princess that we achieved victory so easy, even without the help of mages.I mean this valley has no value and word of our victory makes it sound like we saved the entire kingdom” . When it comes to questioning the motives of the enemy especially the dark elves Mavis approached ruler and general all the same. But then, Mavis Evenstar was the wielder of one of the swords of light, a mystical hilt that is powered with the energy of its weilder to produce a varried sized blade, depending  on the wishes of the weilder.

Liker her charge Mavis was of a full bodied build, muscular and ample breasted, her long black pony tail was woven to the hilt of her weapon allowing her to weild it in many ways.

her body wasn’t that of a woman in her early years. She had
seen many campaigns, and was proud of her body and had taken care of it during her two hundred twenty-two years of life and twenty years of motherhood. She appeared no more than sixteen, but so was the curse of her elvan blood, and her charge was no mere elvan as well, mixed in her blood was that of the oldest of the creator races; Fae-Elvan. 


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