there fixed the damn grammar


by Duane M. Glenn

     The room was pitch black, and I was half asleep, The noise of the club across the street and down from my apartment thrummed through my walls causing me to blink wearily and scan my room, I felt something different, something strange. The light from the hallway spilled into my room, I looked over to my shoulder holster rig and reached for the vibro blade in its sheath. Next to me in the bed laid the silhouette of my girlfriend. I lean over her and place my hand over her mouth, “Don’t say a word,” I whispered in her ear, “Just lay still, I think I have an intruder.” She blinked at me and then pulled my hand away from her mouth. “Do you think the orcs figured out where you live?” Since we had returned to the states from Mexico, I had not considered if the orcs had used the net to access my information to find me or even get clues to my location. I tossed her my pillum blaster, and made my way across the room to the bedroom door. Scanning the hallway I see nothing unusual. But before I could leave the room the figure of a naked hafling with a plate of sandwiches and a six pack of beer walking toward the spare bedroom brought so many disgusting images to mind. “Damnit Mooch I could have killed you!” he stopped turned around and scowled back at me. “What you never seen a naked hafling want a few sandwiches and some beer?” I think to myself NO, I actually have not. Shutting the door I re-sheath the blade and head over to the bed still reeling from the vision I had just encountered. “We got to stop letting our co-workers know where we live.” giggling loudly she tosses the gun at me and throws the covers aside. Her pale skin was exquisite in the moonlight, the fullness of her hips and breast, could be seen well by me. Her shapely form is as attractive to me as the first day I met her, her muscular and full figured form wiggled at me on the bed “Just come back to bed Darrok.” I heard her purr at me as I dropped what I was doing with my shoulder holster rig and mad my way to her arms.  I flattened her breasts

With my chest and pinned her hands above her head with one hand and grabbed a handful of hair in the other. I moved my face close to her neck and whispered

“I was hoping for a night time snack, and you are defiantly a tasty treat.” Before she could answer I pulled her head back and feasted on her neck with my lips and tongue, kissing, taking soft bites.

All the while she is writhing and twisting against my body, I finally kiss her deep and hard tasting her tongue feeling her moan in my mouth. My cock swelled from wanting her. A Succubus is not a typical lover one merely takes, but I am

Not your typical male either. Her blazing red hair coursed with magic in my grip and I can taste the power building within her body. The music from the Club across the street could be heard in my apartment.

I wanted animal rough sex, I tasted her power, smelled the patuli oil that she bathed in, I can feel her nipples stiffen against my chest. I let go of her hair and spin her around to

Face the bed, my hand comes down hard on her ass with a loud slap and she moans even louder. I keep the momentum and grip her hips. My world narrowed to focus all my energy on her. She    breathed harder and yelled. ”Fuck me now damnit, Now. Hard.”


Poised behind the red-haired beauty, I grip her hips and enter her slowly. “Oh Goddess, you are so hard.” After I am deep inside of her I start thrusting deeper, flexing my

Hardness, hearing her calls for her goddess. I feel her magic swelling even more through her body. “I love to use my enchanted cock-rings when I am with you.” The Sparks of her essence exploded from her skin as she moaned louder. Her

Body moved with mine driving me deeper inside her tight embrace. I reached over

and pull out her dagger from under her pillow and run the blade down her skin by the flat end. I feel her body shake as she is wracked by tiny convulsions of pleasure. Reaching past the pillow I grab the wrist bindings and secure her hands tightly, I strain my muscles and my hardness inside of her and do the same with her ankles. ”you have the most amazing ass” I whisper in her ear as I stroke my cock inside of her feeling her hold me tighter inside of her. I lean back so I can spank her even harder, feeling her grind against me even more and That made her scream and throb around me. The Bed shook with each thrust of my cock. And she came over and over again as I danced the blade over her skin, and spanking her delicious round ass.

I rake my fingers over her hips. I toss the knife away so I could grip her hips and stroke even.

I loosen the binding of her ankles and push her up on her knees being careful not to pull out too far. After several minutes of long powerful strokes deep inside of her, I pull out and hear her whimper sadly.

I can smell the heat coming from her heated and wet pussy, the lust I felt for her was building in me, I placed my thumb inside of her and reached for her massager, a wonderful device that plugs into the wall and vibrates like a motorcycle revving. I gently place it between her legs and making sure it rested against her clit and turned it on. Her body starts shaking and convulsing with another orgasm I drink her flowing juices as I penetrate her body with my tongue and rubbing my thumb around her delicate opening


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