The beginning

This is the the story of how I died and how I came back to life again, it is kind of a romance and adventure story and lots of magic too, and I cannot forget the friends I make along the way, especially the best dragon a guy can ever have.


But let me start from the beginning.




Yeah, I said it Wichita Kansas, great beginning huh. The school bus was making its rounds delivering children in the cold early -evening of October. Each pot hole it ran over jolted either side of the bus, we even made a game of it. When the bus hits a pot hole we attempt to bounce over the other person and switch sides.. great fun unless you miss then you either kiss the side of the bus or end up on the floor. Today I was in top form six pot holes and six successful trade offs I even switched sides of the bus three times. The bus driver was in a rare mood smiling and letting us do our game, we always called him cowboy, the kind of driver that took song requests and played us music to and from school. “Best Bus Driver Ever.” as he pulled up to a stop sign on and let one of the last groups out steam was spilling from the side engines, which meant only one thing; the rest of us had to get out and walk the rest of the way home. I grabbed my pack and my components bag and headed toward the door. “Sorry kids, but this is the end of the line, Heights High-school steam transit #209 is down for the count.” he grabbed the radio and made a quick call letting the dispatcher know his location not smiling this time. We knew why, if the bus is down so is Cowboy. All the drivers were contracted, hell most the school is contracted, if you cannot fulfill your contract then the next guy on the list comes in and takes your slot. It was sad we had cowboy for two semesters now and losing him meant getting a possible stiff necked rules monkey. The generator hummed as the last of the bus’s power was diverted to heating the inside of the bus, and we said our goodbyes and walked off the bus. I could see some of my friends, milling off to home waving to me as I turned to walk down the rural road toward my uncle’s house. Not alone though Carly was also walking, her nose buried in her advanced Essence book. We actually met last summer before I graduated from sophomore level , we met during mechanical physics class. Tall and trim and very blonde. I knew at once I wanted to date her, but her family refused to allow anyone to date their daughter that was not a succubus or of elvan blood. I was neither my heritage was always listed as other; “Darrok Stardreams shows excellent potential in magic and casting Arts and has a uncanny grasp at mechanical theory and evocation. But lacks the proper heritage to ascend to the higher levels of education.” that’s right, in this day and age they still denied you education because of your heritage. The mystics of the admissions board told my uncle and aunt I had great potential and I would get to the upper classes with ease, but I would embrace fate before I even see a upper level classroom. What made Carly so different was that she was more than just a succubus, she was a PSI, ( Psionic, Sensitive, Individual) she had the mental capacity of a hundred humans if not more. My P.S.I rating was only 38, but Carly tested at a level unheard of in a her age, 120. her mother was a Cleric and her father worked in the logic department of the college. She teased me a lot for still being in classes at my age , it took her some time to actually realize I was not getting any older. Even though she dated the great grandson of the knightly order of the swords of light, she was paying more attention to me, a lot more. Except today, today she was studying for her final and then the ascension test. “if you keep your nosed buried in that book you might get attacked by a were something or other or even a maligned brownie.” she kept on reading and flipped a page and stopped and looked at me. “but why should I worry when I have such a rugged graduate of the Hero academy here to help me.” I sighed and turned away embarrassed. “ I graduated last in my class Carly, you know that.” she placed her silver bookmark in place and was looking passed me. “ I know silly I was talking about Winthrop.” landing his Pegasus on the road along with his groupies, Winthrop War-sword the third, Knight student of Heights Academy of Magic and honor student of trues dale Heroes academy. Almost all were here, Nukiti the valiant, Barry the bold, and Wit his constant companion, Kavin of North-Western Kingdoms, He had dated Carly’s sister before she dumped him, she wasn’t as tall, but just as good a P.S.I score, and was older than Carly by five years. Shara ; was a learned girl, who had a mouth like a mercenary and the attitude of a pissed off dwarf. She was always reading a book as well, (must be a family trait)

as they flew away I could hear them saying such nice things about me.

of course I ignored them, and walked home in the cold.

Days like this always depressed me, it was a day like this I had taken my hero final exam; almost fifteen years ago, before the change in my body,and if I changed before than my test would have went a lot smoother; all of those who were scheduled to graduate had to draw lots on who we rescued,.and I had drawn the golden goose. No, not a real golden goose, this was worse, I had to rescue the sniveling, whining princess who was being seduced by some glittering skin humanoid leech, yeah it was easy, I rode to her keep and proceeded with my plan I grappled the side of the building after noticing he had guards posted at the doors and entry ways. Simple plan really scale the tower take out the guards there and escape with with the maiden. You are graded on planning,execution, assets, and above all else that patented hero kiss.. The plan flawless, the execution was flawless as well,my assets, well I had a bargain store bag of plenty storage, empty. And the kiss.. ugh the kiss. Did I mention she was tentacled, but only her moth was tentacled. Yeah I failed that part and came in last. I am not a bad looking guy, pretty tall ,well muscled, not too ugly and yeah I am like twenty four years old physically. My body is eight years older than my classmates. And yeah it made it pretty hard too find a date for any of the solstice dances and the Dragons ball.

Anyway, the minute I start recalling all my problems I get distracted and then I look up and I am home. With Uncle at the porch, not looking pleased, again and holding some mail. “Darrok, bad news. The school board decided you are educated enough to graduate, but you are not allowed to attend classes there anymore.” he wasn’t happy about the news and the look of disappointment on my face spoke volumes.”Its not just the change Darrok, its the whole lineage thing, your aunt and I cannot and will not

allow for you to be tested for lineage, as long as you are considered human that’s good enough for us. we signed you up for mercenary contracts and contacted a recruiter. You have until summer to say goodbye to your friends.” he tossed the papers at me and walked inside the house. I toss my book bag up the porch barely missing the porch swing and start picking up the papers, and chasing the ones blown away by the wind. My uncle was never too happy when it came to my lineage, and the fact that they kept insisting I was merely human even though my body changed from that of a teen to an adult in a mere matter of hours and in school on top of that , my fathers family were pretty distant from me and my mother, she was everything to me but one day her and my father just up and left and I was brought here to my dads brothers house by our neighbor Mr. Zandar , odd man owned a bargain basement magic shop, with some of the most useless magic in the world in my opinion. Before he brought me here he had taken me to his store and gave me some “going away gifts” in his best salesman’s voice. He looked like he was in his sixties but he seemed older than that. He and mom would rattle on about the dominion wars and the time of convergence which was funny to hear them speak so knowingly about an even that happened over a million years ago , in school we learned that during the time of convergence, an ancient primitive people told of the end of times, but the facts were very muddled with archaic religious beliefs and idle fantasies that stemmed from an old book of stories that people regarded as both a history book and a book of laws . When the convergence happened the corporate President elect tried to instill in the people of this nation that the coming changes were because of the will of his god and didn’t see that two worlds merged, the old world and the new world collided in a epic fusion that killed seventy five percent of the population. And brought in more than a hundred times that in newer species of animals and humanoids. And the dominion wars established new borders on a epic scale, and to this day no one man can govern the whole country. Each aspect of society is represented by the Democratic Enclave; the four schools of magic; Mentalists, the Grand wizards of Essence, the Priest Kings Channeling. And the Arch -Magus. The corporates, the Military, and the sixty five states are all represented. Their laws are then passed to the Senate and then the Governing lords of the individual city states.

I looked over the contract and it was almost finished , they still needed my seal to make it binding. I flipped through the papers and all of the paper work needed my seal.. I walked into the house happier now that i get to choose my own contract and sign it myself. “Your luck we cant find that damn seal, your uncle can get good money for a freak like you,” my aunt yelled from her drooping perch of a couch, using the remote like a pointer and almost losing her balance in the process. “Your nothing but a lazy moocher like your mother, and a dim witted throwback like your father, if it wasn’t for the checks we get from their estate we would have given you to an orphanage.” Her fat face held a smile that could curdle milk, and it curdled my insides big time, that fat ugly loaf of a woman made me bathe her, feed her degenerate pack of flea infested hounds, and her and my disappointment of an uncle knew that my parents were listed as dead and didn’t tell me. I felt my sneer turn into a smile. “whats wrong, poor baby is gonna cry.” my uncle jumped in front of me holding up his hands in peace.” Now Darrok I was gonna tell you that the provisional government listed them as dead, but there is no proof, we only just found out. Really!”                                                                                                                                 


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