I have to tell you how much I want you
When we talk it’s all I can think about
I have a vision in my head that won’t leave
That’s you and me locked in a dark embrace
Not gently in the moonlight for you and me
But roughly pushed up against the wall
A savage kiss to the lips an invasion of tongue
A ripping of buttons and wandering hands
Trails of bites and kisses down sensitive skin
Hot hands riding up your thighs under your skirt
Till they meet wet panties made in excitement
With a rough tug they are suddenly off
A gasp of surprise echo’s in the air
Then the sound of a zip being undone
More rough handling as your skirt is pulled up
Leaving bare pussy exposed and waiting
Oh the feeling at the first thrust inside you
The claiming the ownership is all there
That almost makes me orgasm at the thought
This is no carefully planned scene
Its hot urgent powerful an assault on the senses
But most of all it’s about being unable to wait
To want someone so badly you have to have them now
It is a fire in the blood that burns out of control
God I want that so badly it hurts
That’s what I think of when I talk to you


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