I was raised by a Catholic mother with a southern, conservative, republican Father. They were very strict and concise regarding their ethics and morals and were determined to drill them into my heathen head, I was very Open and outspoken child, and was an easy target for others due to my curiosity. Well, I guess I wasn’t too easy of a target or else I would be a Catholic priest or a Marine, instead of the Primal Dom that i am. Lol! Either way, these values that were forced upon me still occasionally come to the surface of my subconscious and cause me to think that I shouldn’t be romantically involved with more than one person, that I shouldn’t be fucking another woman,other than my wife. that I should not love more than one person and that I should not be interfering with the sanctity of marriage. It makes me expect things to blow up and disintegrate. But it is not my Vanilla morals that are causing me to have poly insecurities! it is my wife, I am Open and giving and told all the time how i do so much but i see so little of back, but how we are raised and how we deal with things are a product of our upbringing. Maybe now that I know she has these insidious doubts and anxieties over my Poly and my kink and no real idea of letting me be who i am, I love her and i will fulfill her every need and wish and kink at the cost of my own.


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