Naked lust on painted faces
Rhythmic dancing in darkened places
Barely clothed bodies in the mix
Heat starts rising sweat starts to drip
Moving closer to touch to tease
Rotating hips that never cease
You can feel the desire and taste the heat
As more bodies start closely grinding
Hands start wandering stroking skin
Lips on lips a taste of sin
Dark corners hide multitudes of lovers
Hands go wandering under covers
Lights are flashing in time to beats
Beckoning all up on their feet
Its a vision that few can resist
Still the heavy throbbing beat persists
Its almost at a frenzy now
A sense of urgency grows and swells
We know this dance and have no cares
The time this night has gone so fast
Pleasures release, Orgasms repast
And slowly the Music fades and disappears
The lights go dim and the heat subsides
The room is now quiet bodies at rest
and in our hearts the echo of that final song


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