Your Hot lips
On silken tips
My Soft Licks
On your nips

My Fingers teasing
Your Voice is pleading
My Hands leading
Your Wanting needing
Our Final pleasing

My Fingers replaced
A tease a taste
Tongue Without haste
This is no race
You set the pace

Your Moving hips
Tightening grip
Parting lips
So wetly slick
The fuse lit

Hot push inside
My Cock hotly slides
A furious ride
Fast building tide
No place to hide

You cry out
Make A cumming shout
Your body twists about
Back arches, Nails scratching
muscles straining, teeth gnashes
Inside of you i release
In my arms may you find peace

Passion will not yet diminish
The night is young
OHHH i am not finished


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