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piece of chapter one before cleanup







I Was just Asked by the Chief if we will consult on the recent murder spree here in Wichita, word that the Mayors daughter herself requested our assistance, you have any idea why she asked for us Mal?” Darrok slid into a chair and leaned back lacing his gloved hands behind his tousled hair.

The tall leather-clad woman across from him shifted her glasses and adjusted her hefty bosom, An gleam brightened her eyes and she pulled out her hand bag and opened it. “Darrok StarDreams you will address me as Lady Malatryl or madam or boss, but you mind your self with me or I will have you investigating Worm-kin secretions for stolen gems in the mines of Strataca, and yes I was aware that such a call would be made, especially after that unfortunate incident with that fool Bell’uve and his crew.”

Her large green eyes fluttered as she pulled a jeweled stand from her purse. Placing it on the desk she opens a several files before her. “Gheddis I need you to go over these immediately, send copies to Darrok’s cellular first and the rest as listed. I will be on the first steam shuttle to Denver to help with the paranormal apocalypse going on there,” the Stand snaps open revealing a sharply dressed fairy, with a bow and a great flutter of his wings propels around the papers at great speed turning written and typed words into floating symbols and glyphs of charged magic and sending them throughout the room in flurried stream.

Mistress Malatryl there seems to be a reception problem with both of Sir Darroks Cellular devices.” The fairy stops on her shoulder so that both can slowly turn to the now frowning Darrok.

OK,OK,OK. Mavis, Mary. Come on out girls.” A panda shaped bento box is laid on the rectangular wooden table, beat up and taped in various places. Malatryl and her fairy eyes go from the beat up bento to embarrassed grin on Darroks face. “what you expect the mostly live in my pocket.”

Darrok, a technical fairy is a gift, when you are chosen, they are your companions till death, treat them with a little more care and respect. You were granted two which is unheard of. Do not let me see this indignity again.”

As the panda bento lid spilled off the smell of Saki and rum was strong from with, and two very hung over fairy’s climbed their way over the edge, carefully. Mavis; was brunette her silk gown and leather bodice looked to be of silk and leather. Her sister Mary wore velvet and leather, her blonde hair a mess around her smiling face. “We are here to receive all the transmissions…”

with the magic still flowing about the fairy on Malatryls shoulder smiled big and sent the flow into both causing them to convulse and shake violently, and in a glimmer of light he disappeared into her purse.

OK Mal, that was uncalled for, he knew they were hung over. Tame that bitchy fairy of yours or I am going to take him to the troll quarter to play ping – pong.”

Darrok picked up his fairies gently and made his way across the room. “look, it may look like I let them do what they want but I take good care of my girls.” he pulls out a covered doll house and lays them in their beds.

Darrok, this case is serious and we are getting paid a lot, you are my only asset in this area, sort it out, solve this case. You will have no back up from the company I am sorry to say, Denver has taxed a lot of company resources, you are one my best men, if things go sour hire a crew, but remember, if you hire a crew, its your money that pays them not company currency.”

Yes lady Malatryl.” with a deep bow and a slap on the back on the head, Malatryl gets to the door turns grabs her fairies holder and hold out a key. “I secured a place for you within the budget of the company its located at Emporia St. and East William, decorate as you please but after you leave here do not return to it unless in dire need.”

It’s not fair that you walk through my dreams
Yet I know I cannot have you
You made me no promises of anything
But love was there it was there in your words
You even could surely deny it
You did not make me believe in a future with you
But entertained it was
Until something new and wide eyed came along
They sat in awe of you and your words
Pandered to your ego the way I never had
Oh if only I had if only I hate those words
We still spoke but it wasn’t the same
There was no spark the fire had died
You were different They had changed you
The way I never had or would
With that knowledge something died inside
I felt the loss with every heartbeat
Finally came the end you were in love
They had claimed thier prize my one and only
Right then in that moment my heart stopped
And it hasn’t started beating yet

Can words be a substitute for real passion
Can fingers caress keys like skin
Does want and need translate from paper
To mind in simple movements
Or does it need the body to transmit
From fingertips to heated hips
Stories fall easily from pen to paper
To an internet lover or friend
What would it be like to live each one
Would that we could
If only we could be folded up
Like paper airplanes and wing our way
Straight to them without a wait
Would they want us to
Or are they all words said without hope
Of ever meeting in real life
Would dreams and hopes be dashed
Or would reality be living the dream
I have wrote with a heavy heart
I have wrote with hopes and dreams
My words are my feelings
The pains are mine
Be they penned or spoken from lip to ear

I have to tell you how much I want you
When we talk it’s all I can think about
I have a vision in my head that won’t leave
That’s you and me locked in a dark embrace
Not gently in the moonlight for you and me
But roughly pushed up against the wall
A savage kiss to the lips an invasion of tongue
A ripping of buttons and wandering hands
Trails of bites and kisses down sensitive skin
Hot hands riding up your thighs under your skirt
Till they meet wet panties made in excitement
With a rough tug they are suddenly off
A gasp of surprise echo’s in the air
Then the sound of a zip being undone
More rough handling as your skirt is pulled up
Leaving bare pussy exposed and waiting
Oh the feeling at the first thrust inside you
The claiming the ownership is all there
That almost makes me orgasm at the thought
This is no carefully planned scene
Its hot urgent powerful an assault on the senses
But most of all it’s about being unable to wait
To want someone so badly you have to have them now
It is a fire in the blood that burns out of control
God I want that so badly it hurts
That’s what I think of when I talk to you

Surrender yourself to me
Don’t be afraid
When you belong to me
I will protect you
Your place will be with me
I will guide you
Along life’s winding road
I will care for you
When you are hurt or weary
I will love you
The only way I know how
With everything I am
Or ever will be
Surrender yourself to me
Don’t be afraid
I will be your everything
When you belong to me

I was raised by a Catholic mother with a southern, conservative, republican Father. They were very strict and concise regarding their ethics and morals and were determined to drill them into my heathen head, I was very Open and outspoken child, and was an easy target for others due to my curiosity. Well, I guess I wasn’t too easy of a target or else I would be a Catholic priest or a Marine, instead of the Primal Dom that i am. Lol! Either way, these values that were forced upon me still occasionally come to the surface of my subconscious and cause me to think that I shouldn’t be romantically involved with more than one person, that I shouldn’t be fucking another woman,other than my wife. that I should not love more than one person and that I should not be interfering with the sanctity of marriage. It makes me expect things to blow up and disintegrate. But it is not my Vanilla morals that are causing me to have poly insecurities! it is my wife, I am Open and giving and told all the time how i do so much but i see so little of back, but how we are raised and how we deal with things are a product of our upbringing. Maybe now that I know she has these insidious doubts and anxieties over my Poly and my kink and no real idea of letting me be who i am, I love her and i will fulfill her every need and wish and kink at the cost of my own.